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COVID-19: Keeping our Hualalai Club Members, guests, Rental Guests and Resort employees safe at Hualalai Club and Four Seasons Resort, Hualalai –
For travelers arriving on or after September 1, 2020*

Per the Governor’s orders, a pre-travel testing program for travelers to Hawaii is an alternative to the 14-day mandatory quarantine. Beginning September 1, travelers who have a current, valid negative COVID-19 test prior to arriving (as determined by the State of Hawaii guidelines then in effect) will not be subject to the 14-day mandatory quarantine Order. The quarantine will remain in place for those who choose to not get a pre-travel test. The Order specifies that “Persons who require paid or commercial lodging while subject to the mandatory self-quarantine shall designate a hotel or motel as their designated quarantine location,” and not a vacation rental. Regrettably, this means that Rental Guests may not serve their quarantine at a Hualalai Villas & Homes rental. The health of our community continues to be our primary focus and priority. This multi-layered screening process allows travelers to visit and allows us to continue to protect the health and safety of our community.

To further protect the safety and health of Hualalai Club Members, guests, Rental Guests and Resort employees, the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai will be temperature checking all Hualalai Club Members, guests, Rental Guests and Resort employees before access will be allowed to any Resort and Club facilities. Any Hualalai Club Member, guest, Rental Guest or Resort employee who registers at or above 100.4F/38C will not be permitted access to the Resort and Club facilities. The check does not and will not collect, store or use any biometric identifiers or information, and the property will not record any image or result of the temperature check.

If a Hualalai Club Member, guest, Rental Guest or Resort employee has a temperature higher than 100.4F/38C, they will be asked to wait 10 minutes and have their temperature taken a second time. If the high temperature remains, it will be suggested that medical attention is immediately sought out, and the individuals must quarantine until COVID-19 is excluded, or three days after the symptoms have passed.

Lastly, by coming to stay with us and recognizing that COVID-19 and related viral infections/coronaviruses are socially transmitted diseases, by booking and checking-in with us you are representing that you are asymptomatic and do not have reason to believe you are a carrier of COVID-19 and you understand that if you do become symptomatic you will notify us and agree that in-home quarantine may be necessary and/or additional testing conducted in Hawaii. Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the latest information on symptoms of COVID-19:

Thank you for understanding the need for this new protocol as we all work together to help ensure the safety of our Hualalai Club Members, guests, Rental Guests and Resort employees. This temperature check is one part of Four Seasons’ commitment to our enhanced health and safety program that is focused on providing care, confidence and comfort to all Club Members, guests and employees as we adapt to this new COVID-19 environment.

*subject to change. Subject to the terms of the Rental Agreement.

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